Looking for a quiet urban jungle in the middle of a metropole? Hotel COQ in Paris has it all! It's the perfect place to stay and to leave the rush of the big city.

As soon as you enter the hotel, you'll feel the ultimate relaxing vibe of the C.O.Q. hotel. It's a true oasis hidden in the 13th arrondissement, near Place D'Italie. The boutique hotel has a petit and personal environment.

Wake up in a room that is brimming with bold yet appealing personality and plenty of allure, so that you feel more than ready to face another in Paris. The decor of the rooms at C.O.Q. was created by interior designers Pauline d'Hoop and Delphine Sauvaget of Agence Favorite. It's a place where art meets bohemian. All rooms have an amazing minimalistic bathroom in black and white theme. The deluxe rooms even have an amazing clawfoot bathtub.

The lobby is even more inspiring with it's never ending feelgood vibe in a perfect urban jungle interior. Lots of plants welcome you to a space that feels like a living room. There are a few tables to enjoy a lovely breakfast with golden cutlery. Or you can sit back and relax in one of the cosy benches with soft pillows, hidden between some amazing art pieces and lots of greens.

I would highly recommend Le C.O.Q. for a romantic getaway. Or just to escape the buzzy city. But be warned: you might never want to leave!

Check out: www.coqhotelparis.com

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